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King Street Barrel Aged Negroni

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Barrel Aged King’s Negroni. We leave our Australian Native Gin steeping for a month in oaked barrels with Vermouth and Campari to create the silkiest damn drinkable Negroni on God’s sweet earth. We’re essentially giving you three liquors in the space of one. More room for our Negroni we say! Add a dash of tonic or have it neat.

Can't decide?  Try our Signature Half Moon for a 100ml taster.  In this set, you'll get the King Street Barrel Aged Negroni, plus our Margaret Street Signature Gin and our Simmons Street Aussie Native Gin.




Our Aussie Native Gin is the base Gin for our barrel aged Negroni. The addition of vermouth and Aperitif to it gave a lovely, balanced Negroni. We wanted something just a little bit more with our premade Negronis, so we left it in a barrel to give it that extra, woody warmth to it. The oak gives a creamy finish to the Negroni, layering it with an oaky, rich flavour. We love our Negroni. Imagine sipping it in a bar on a rainy night on King Street. You’ll love it! #Buy Now



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