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Our Moonshiner Gin bottles have arrived

Our unique signature Moonshiner bottles have arrived in our distillery

Our Signature Moonshiner Gin bottles are here

We’ve gone for a light weight glass design that echoes a bygone era when home brewed liquor was created in backyard bathtubs and stored in slimline bottles that could be hidden neatly into wall cavities or a coat pocket.

It’s slimline design means you can easily store it in small spaces, you can even use them as book ends to hold up your second hand book collection and let’s face it shelf space in always a premium in our Newtown homes.  We chose a screw cap rather than a cork stopper, so that our bottles are easier to recycle, or use again.

Moonshiner signature gin bottles

We’ve got three sizes, a 500ml bottle, a special 100ml bottle that we have specifically for our half moon and full moon gin collections, and a sweet little 50ml bottle for samples and that sneaky nip when no one is watching.

Watch our website for news of our upcoming Moonshiner Half Moon Gin collections.

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