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Moonshiner Lord Street Smoky Barrel Aged Gin Launch! Sat 16 Sep 2023: PAST

Moonshiner Lord Street Smoky Barrel Aged Gin Launch! Sat 16 Sep 2023: PAST

Our new Lord Street Smoky Barrel Aged Gin is rich, golden and smooth.

To celebrate the official launch of our newest Gin... we're giving lucky Gin lovers a free tasting.

Anyone coming into our tiny Marrickville Gin Bar on Saturday 16th will get the chance to sample our new Lord Street, Smoky Barrel-Aged Gin. 

On the rocks is best, but you could also try it in a tiny G&T.

Gin Bar Tastings

Moonshiner’s Lord Street Smoky Barrel-Aged Gin is as close to a whisky as you can get in a Gin bottle.

We lightly smoke the key ingredients before combining them in our stills to produce a spicey spirit that’s perfect for aging. We then barrel it in pinot noir barrels to create a velvety, heavy Gin with hints of vanilla and spice, smoke and citrus. Yum.

The name derives from Lord Street, so called after John Lord, a settler who sailed his own ship, the Marquis of Lansdown, to Sydney and took up residence at the Bello Retiro estate in Newtown (between Lord and Wells Sts now). 

We like to imagine his Bello Retiro with a broad veranda, a perfect place to enjoy our Smokey Barrel Aged Gin.

Enjoying it at home?

Keep it simple and serve with ice and garnish with Lime Wafers or make an old fashioned with simple syrup, a splash of bitters, twist of orange and, if you like, a dash of water.

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